Monday, November 11, 2013

A ton of year old bucks

The action in the woods the last couple of weeks has been great.  I have seen and passed up more bucks this year than I have ever before.  Its been a blast seeing so many bucks and the fact that there are a lot of different bucks.  Hopefully its a matter of time before a good shooter shows up.  This coming week has historically been a good week for us with getting cracks at big bucks so we will see what happens.  

Here are some videos from this past weekend of a couple year old bucks that I had great encounters with.

This one is at my Mom's.  Its a really good looking 6 point that should be a great deer in a year or two.(if he makes it.
Here is the video of the hunt.

Here is a trail camera video of him.  

Here is a video of a 4-5 point that I passed at my brother in laws.  

Like I said its been a blast having all of these encounters and I am not going to complain about this at all.  We will keep at it, keep hunting smart and I really feel like its just a matter of time.

Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Season Update

I've been meaning to post an update on here of how our season is going.  Julie and I have been hunting a handful of times at both places, I don't like to overdue it in October so I like to keep a good gap in between sits and always hunt safe as far as wind.  Julie has been super busy and has only made it out a couple times and hasn't seen anything yet.  I told her last night she is reminding me of myself last year, when I didn't see deer at all but it all worked out pretty good.

Myself I am having quite a good season.  I've been hunting at my moms more than my brother in law's due.  They are still open down there so its been tough to hunt there.  I've been hunting on Friday mornings mainly and I have put in 3 friday morning sits.  All three I've seen bucks.  In fact I've seen 7-8 different bucks.  Nothing huge all mostly year old bucks, 3 different 8pts(all of which I've passed) and some smaller ones.  They have even been chasing and bumping does around so its been a lot of fun just watching that.

Then came last night (Sunday Oct. 27) I got a chance to try an evening sit there so I took it.  The weather was a little warm (mid 50's) and it was quite windy but it was forcast to calm down by the evening and cool down plus it was a S,SW wind and my spot there works perfect for that wind.  I killed my 10pt in 2010 same wind same stand.

One of the best things I feel about hunting and especially bow hunting is all the extra things you get to see.  You never know what you will see when you go into the woods and this time was no different.  I had a huge flock of turkeys come by me.  I guessed around 30 birds, mostly young ones from this past spring.

Here is the video of them.

I watched them as they worked their way behind me and about 100 yards to my right.  Then I hear another noise and see a red fox right behind me.  He ran off behind me but you could tell he was hunting those turkeys.  Sure enough 5 minutes later the woods explodes with turkeys flying into the trees, cackling and running around.  It was pretty neat to see a fox doing this, so chalk that up to another experience I won't forget.

So at this point I am thinking no way will I see a deer not with all this noise and commotion going on.  I had turkeys in the trees above me flying around trying to get settled in for the night and sure enough here come two does.  I was able to get a shot off at 25 yds double lunged her and she only went about 100 yds.  She is a nice mature deer.  This was the same doe that had picked me out of the tree 2 weeks ago and let the entire woods know I was there and she was about to do the same thing so that made shooting her a little easier as well.  Does have actually been my Achilles heal lately, either I have blown the shots, they have busted me or I talked myself out of shooting them, so it actually felt really good to get it done and make a great shot on her also.  I feel very strongly that a big mature doe is just as hard if not harder to kill than a big buck.

Here are some pictures:
 photo null_zps953f1224.jpg
 photo null_zpsbb087db0.jpg
 photo null_zpsa801cd76.jpg
So that does it for me as far as does go.  I don't think I will shoot any more this year.  I am hoping to find a bigger buck at my mom's her property has been getting a ton of attention from the younger bucks so I hope there is a bigger buck in there.  I did find some promising sign and set up a camera so we will see.  I am giving both properties about a week break so next time we hunt it will be November and who knows what will happen.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Got my mount back from my 9pt I shot last year.

Like the title says I was able to get my mount back yesterday.  It seems like such a long time, almost a year.  I was really happy though.  I had her do a semi aggressive pose (notice the ears are back) because he was just a bad mean looking buck.  When he came in he had a walk like he owned the place and I could just tell he was the dominent buck in the area.  In fact the big 9pt I have been dreaming and obsessing about had a busted g3 last winter and it just makes me wonder if this buck was the culprit.  Also, when this buck was gone that big 9pt started showing up much more often and has stuck around thus all the summertime photos and videos.  So I am thinking he took this bucks place.  I hope!! 
The other feature I wanted to show off was his body size and his neck and I really think she did a great job doing that.  I should put a picture up with this deer next to the 10pt I shot in 2010 at my mom's.  The size difference between a 2 year old and this 3 year old deer is unreal.  Its hard to imagine but the big 9pt we are after right now is one year older and has about 20-25 more inches of antler, maybe more, thus the obsession with getting a crack at that deer. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Its official he is a Giant

Here are the latest picture and a video of the Wide 9pt I am now obsessing about.  He has turned into an absolute stud.  Maybe even a Booner.

Here is a link to the video.

Here is a picture

The good news I am getting some good info from these videos and pictures and I am really narrowing down where he is living.  The other good news is that he is spending a lot of time on the property.

Also, here is a picture of my food plot I planted 3 weeks ago.  Its looking good.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Fishing

Jacob and Nathan are quickly becoming very good fisherman.  It has been a great summer watching them learn how to use certain baits and different kinds of rod and reels.  Nathan has got the casting thing down with no practice he just did it right out of the gate and it didn't take him long at all to catch a fish on his own.  Jacob has been improving and catching some great fish this summer.  I can see the fire in his eyes that he just loves it and wants to go every day.  Luckily our new house is so close to my Grandpa's house.  I've also started to talk to Jacob about going to Canada and I can tell he would absolultley love it.  So maybe in the near future we can make that happen.  Why do I see a fishing boat in our future as well?

It has made me so proud to watch them this summer.  Here are some pictures of them from this summer.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

"The Wide 9pt"

My previous post I talked about a big buck and showed pictures from last year and this year.  Well here are some more pictures and videos of him.  He is an absolute stud of a buck and the biggest buck we have seen down there yet.

I know I preach it all the time but passing smaller bucks works and the proof is in the pudding.  Even on smaller parcels of land.

Here are links to the videos.

Here is a great picture of him with a little year old buck.  Look at the difference its unreal especially when you look at body size and obviously antlers.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Check = 2 shooter bucks

Yes I know its July.  Yes I know I usually have my cameras out around Memorial Day but this year has been exceptionally busy for our family so I did not get my cameras out until July 5th this year.  Well I got to check them this past Friday.  I went to the farm to do some clearing of shooting lanes but more than anything to cut up some storm damage trees.  They had a really bad storm about 3 weeks ago and lost some big trees, a lot of Oaks and Cherries and a lot of them snapped off so it was a pretty impressive wind.

So anyway, I know it had only been a week but I was in the woods anyway so I pulled my cards and was very pleasantly surprised.  If you look back at posts from last year especially later you will see posts about a Wide 9pt buck.  I got video of him in January so I was really excited to see he had made it.  More than anything I've been really curious if he would be around this summer.  Well its a little early but from what I see he stayed around.  Here are a set of pictures I got of him.

Here are pics from him last year in early August.  I put him as a 3.5 year old last year so 4 year old this year.  To me it looks like he put on more width, more overall mass, his mains are starting to curl in and he should put more tine length.  The next month or so should be interesting if he keeps showing up.

Here are links to videos of him and a new buck that is a main frame 8pt with split brows.

The first ones you can see how big the 9pt really is when with the 8pt.

Here the split brow buck is picking the wrong fight

Here is another of those two

Now just so the spit 8 doesn't always look like the smaller buck here he is with a 1.5 old buck.  Or a perfect example of a shooter vs a non-shooter

And one more for good measure

So you can see we are pretty excited. 

Here is a video of Coyote Pup.  I would shoot it if I saw it but they are cute non-the-less.  I have another video of 2 of them wrestling but it won't download.